Monday, May 26, 2014

day 3

Day 3

This is day 3 in uk...
every thing is fine... no jet-lag
and im start my uk life :)
we went to the super market and buy some food and vege for dinner

wow.... 1st time watch the live show on the street
and this is what we bought last time its total 70++ pound... 

im the chef of the 1str day teehee

because weather here is so cold.... so i make herb chicken soup to every one

and 卤肉

taadaa :)
and i meet this orang finally in my hostel

such a good weather in uk.. damn nice :) love it 
this is malaysia crow
they are everyway
it think is because summer..
all the flower are showing up them self :) hah

because i feeling cold. so i changed my shirt again 

omg.... out of focus

so... this is our uni.... damn nice right??
but dman far from my hostel also

we just go and walk around for knwing the place
and this is the team :)

hahhaa alll leng zai leng nv

china town

after finis our journey we went to a cafe rest and eat

ok.... this is so cool... its a post office !!! ahha but i think is abandoned
so this is the chef of the day :)

carry!!!!! wuhoooo

not bad huh?! haha can stay with chef is a very good feeling :)


and after dinner ...
we go and walk around again :)
Albert Dock

hahaha jiawei posting :)

its good for staying with some friend...
but yesterday i think i do a wrong think
and make a friend piss off....
im sorry..
i duno your 底线... so....... ok... :)
every thing still fine here :) gona go :)byee

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